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We deliver orchestration

AI Process Automation

Keeping constant client focus in mind we have created a new NLU technology that has opened up the possibility of structuring all your communication data without human interaction. Together with new approaches in seamless integration it has created a new generation of software solutions for improving communication in companies.
Dynamic AI enables real-time learning of communication workflows based on observation of human actions and eliminates need of dedicated training of the automation system.

Combining in-house state-of-the-art AI technology with third-party solutions involved in business communication, the Dynamic AI can deliver orchestration of existing tools to provide intelligent routing of information between services and communication channels.
Dynamic AI solution is working side by side with existing business processes providing more automation to them. Strict precision control with argumentation eliminates false positives.
AI constantly observes conversations and actions made by human operators to determine automation patterns and starts doing automation when considering its process knowledge confident using our precision reasoning approach.

Integration Ways

In the way you normally do

Integration Ways

In the way you normally do

In the Cloud

Dynamic AI56 has an experienced team of cloud technology engineers and has been working with major cloud infrastructures from start to ensure high quality of our service.

Our technology basis is provided in partnership with market leaders ensuring fast and secure integration of our solutions for your business.

Dynamic AI56 deployment model has the following features to meet your IT infrastructure and Data security requirements:

  • Access to internal logs for security audit
  • Real-time monitoring of operational characteristics
  • Ability to operate in isolated network with no Internet connection
  • API and web-interface access is authenticated with tunable permission model
  • Tunable filters to cut private data from messages (e.g. passwords) before feeding to the AI

On premise

Many companies have their own private IT infrastructure and we are ready to run there.

We can deliver installation as:

  • VM images for the hypervisor of your choice
  • Container images for testing and development

No external databases or any other licensed third-party software required.

Our Architecture


Our Architecture


Flexible technology stack

Dynamic AI software solution is designed to support wide range of operating environments as well as delivered via SaaS.
We build on portable platform of Microsoft .NET Core which is state-of-the-art in programming infrastructure.
To provide our functionality we rely on in-house patented genetic coding technology implementation and also utilize various third-party libraries and tools providing Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Bridging modules are used to call out tools which are implemented in other programming languages and frameworks like Java and Python as well as simplify adding more tools to the system.
Our patented genetic coding technology utilizes data from multiple implementations of the same functionality like POS tagger to produce the most accurate processing algorithms so that we continue adding more information providers to improve the system.

Integration and Orchestration

To receive incoming traffic and submit actions to external systems we use customized integration modules.
Our system is capable of processing any kind of text messages from single sentence to large text.
We currently have implemented integration modules to work with e-mails, chats and social media messaging.
Also, integration modules are able to deliver actions made by human operators to our system to gather feedback and facilitate real-time learning and change of behaviour.
Our system is capable to deliver actions on the same channel message was received (e.g. make a reply or put "Like!") or route it to another channel as well as make a record in the corporate CRM providing orchestration for existing information and communication tools in the company.
Integrations are developed for specific needs of customers to provide interface for internal corporate information systems or specific behaviour on communication channels.


The Dynamic AI system was designed with data security in mind.
As our system classify messages and learn from feedbacks automatically, there is no need for third-party human workers to process the data.
Strong access controls for management web-interface and encryption of sensitive data are available.
Integration with corporate single sign-on authentication systems is also supported.

Knowledge Base

System accumulates knowledge in the specialized in-house database which can have various back-ends like Redis or PostgreSQL. This feature enables real-time learning functionality based on explicit or implicit feedback.
Using information from the knowledge base the system is able to apply automatic tuning to achieve requested level of accuracy based on confidence score. To accelerate learning of the systems, categorized data-set can be uploaded to the database to produce initial scoring data. Database content can be encrypted, either live data, back-ups or both.


We are open for you


We are open for you
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Please, feel free to get in touch with us.

Pricing model

Pricing depends on deployment and desired communication channels and may include:

  • License fee
  • Volume-based billing (e.g. per number of messages processed)
  • Support and consulting activities coverage (per FTEs involved)

Implementation plan

To provide comprehensive solution for your business case, we usually go through these steps:

  • Prospective Live Demo
  • Dirty demo with your data
  • Proof-of-concept implementation
  • Custom integration and deployment
  • Production rollout and optimizations

Benefits for your business

  • 50%+ cost savings in every TCO
  • Brand management that enables boost of customer satisfaction
  • Response time to customers/ employees/ suppliers 3-15 sec
  • High-level of data security met for enterprise clients
  • Omni-channel solution for any industry
  • 95%+ precision of dynamic classification with strict precision control
  • 3 samples per category vs. 1,000 on Deep Learning